Our Head Coach Alistair Ward is an LTA licensed, CCA Level 4 Performance Coach.  He is supported by Shaun Smith who is Level 3 LTA qualified.  Between them they run a full programme of tennis including Mini Tennis, Junior Coaching, Junior Performance and Adult Coaching.  Programme details can be found below.

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What Equipment Do I Need?

If you are just starting out you will most likely be able to borrow a racquet for a couple of sessions but we do recommend buying one.

In terms of which racquet you should buy, our coaching staff can give you some advice after having seen you hit the ball. In general, we recommend avoiding ultra-light racquets, instead opt for the heaviest racquet you feel comfortable with. The Racket Factory in Swindon offers a demo program allowing customers to test various frames for a nominal fee.

We would also recommend investing in some tennis shoes. Normal running shoes will be ok for infrequent play, but if you start playing weekly, these will get ruined very quickly as they are not designed for quick changes of direction. While we tend to recommend Asics shoes, this guide from perfect tennis has some full reviews of which shoes perform well for durability and fit different types of feet.